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Document scanning provides an efficient, secure and space saving alternative to piles of paperwork cluttering your office. We are a well established storage company. Read more about how we can benefit your company.

Off-Site Storage

CDI provides secure storage facilities for any size or type of document. With 24 hour CCTV and security patrols you can be assured that your documents are safe with us. Read more about how we can benefit your company.

Bespoke Software

CDI are proud to offer their own custom made document management software. This software can be customised to meet your own unique needs and requirements, we will be there every step of the way.


Welcome to CDI Document Management, providing a one-stop-solution for your document management needs for over 25 years.

Storing documents can be a time and space consuming problem for companies of any size. Accessing the files that you need can waste valuable working time when searching through filing cabinets or storage rooms. Warehousing solutions can be expensive and if you need to get hold of a file quickly it can be impractical.

Document scanning and storage provide an ideal solution to your document management needs. And with over 25 years of experience you can be assured of our excellent quality and reputation. Microfilming, RFID solutions and our FileScan-DMS software provide even further options for archiving, tracking and in house solutions.

CDI take care of your documents from collection, to scanning, to storage, to return or destruction, making us your one-stop-solution for document management. Contact us now to speak to one of our friendly team who will talk you through how we can help your business.


RFID Solutions

RFID provides an ideal solution for businesses wanting to track files or valuable assets. The technology is easily applicable to any sector including healthcare, manufacturing and distribution.

Buesiness Continuity

Business Continuity Management is about planning how to keep the essential aspects of your business running in the event of an incident. CDI-Docman can provide a safety net for you and your business. CDI reliability.



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